Sep 25, 2008

FLYP Interviews UNPO General Secretary

Active ImageMarino Busdachin of UNPO discusses the current predicament of defacto states and possible ways to move forward. 
As recent events in the Caucasus rekindle old tensions - international debate turns to defacto states.  Talk of the 'Cold War' brings to the fore the topic of 'Phantom States' and the politics of recognition.  States such as Taiwan, Somaliland and Abkhazia, to mention but a few, function independently - possessing their own governments, anthems and sometimes currency.  However, lack of international recognition can lead to instability and definite isolation.  

In an interview with UNPO General Secetary Marino Busdachin, FLYP discusses the problems that these unrecognised states face and the need for an international framework of inclusion.  

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