Nov 19, 2009

Human Rights Situation in Iranian Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Peace and Development Society has published a report on the Human Rights Situation in Iranian Kurdistan.  The report studies the current human rights condition in Iranian Kurdistan under the clerical regime of Iran.

In the early days of the revolution of 1979 in Iran when the Kurds had once more materialized the reams of freedom and self-rule as in the self-governing Republic of 1946, the leading Iranian Kurdish political parties, notably Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (PDKI) issued an eight-point programme for Kurdish autonomy to Khomeini. The newly established clerical regime rejected the PDKI’s demands because any self-governing region within Iran contradicted their totalitarian grand plan that they had in mind for Iran. In response, Khomeini’s regime declared a holy war on the Kurdish people in Iran, and this war has continued to this date resulting in the death and imprisonment of thousands of innocent people in Kurdistan and the destruction of Kurdish society, culture, economy and environment.

The report examines the civil society, economy and as well as gross human rights violations against the Kurdish population. 

For a copy of the report please click here