Dec 16, 2013

Organ Harvesting In China: Testimony By Former Uyghur Surgeon Enver Tohti

At a conference organized by the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe and UNPO in January 2013, Enver Tohti, a former Uyghur surgeon who worked in East Turkestan, testified to the existence of organ harvesting atrocities in China.

Below is the testimony by Enver Tohti.

It was a hot day in the summer of 1995, when two of our chief surgeons told me to fully prepare the mobile surgery equipment and wait for them the next day at the hospital gate with an ambulance and three other assistants at 9 AM. So I did. The next morning, I saw our two chief surgeons appearing around 9AM in a car. They told me to follow them, so we did.

About 30-40 minutes later we arrived to Western Mountain (西山, Xishan), an execution ground. It was quite famous; we had all heard of it but never been there before.
We had been told to wait behind a hill, and come into the field as soon as we’d hear the gun shot. So we waited.

A moment later there were gun shots. Not one, but many. We rushed into the field. An armed police officer approached us and told me where to go. He led us closer, then pointed to a corpse, saying ‘this is the one’.

By then our chief surgeon appeared from nowhere and told me to remove the liver and two kidneys. He urged me to hurry up, so we took the body into the van and removed his liver and kidneys. An operation to repair an organ is very difficult and takes a very long time to do, but this time it was totally different. It was an operation of extraction, so it was easy and quick.

Then our chief surgeons put those organs in a special box, and got into the car. They told me to take my team back to the hospital, and left. I have no idea where they went.
I, on the other hand, led my team back to where we came from. That was the end of that.

Nobody has ever talked about what we did that day. It is something I wish hadn’t happened. I wish for that man to rest in peace.

(Please find a PDF version of this testimony here).