Nov 11, 2013

Chin: Electric Power Promised For Chin State By 2014

In a meeting of local industrialists, the Myanma Minister for Electricity promised that in 2014 Chin State would finally be powered, together with Rankhine State.

Below is an article by ElevenMyanmar:

The electricity minister said yesterday that the ministry will work to power Rakhine state and Chin state in the coming year.

The minister, Khin Maung Soe, made the revelation at a meeting with local industrialists at the office of Yangon City Electricity Supply Board.

He said that some townships in Rakhine now have power with their residents using the electricity at a cost of Ks450-600 per unit, and the whole state will be powered in December 2014. He said Chin state will also be powered in the same year.

The ministry was also ordered to provide the electricity using small hydropower plants to remote areas where ethnic Naga people are living in Chin.

“We will supply electricity to Chin state in 2014. The Naga region will also be powered as directed. It will take one or two years,” he added.

He also said the government has to spend US$2 million to supply a megawatt of electricity to the public as the generation of electricity per megawatt costs US$1 million and it also costs another US$1 million to supply that amount of electricity to the public.