Sep 16, 2013

Kosova: "Hajde" Heritage Train 2013 Takes Its First Ride

As part of the European Heritage Days project, a special train in Kosova has taken its first ride last Saturday [14-09-2013]. It will continue to ride every weekend in September, and will allow all communities to visit heritage sites in Western Kosovo.

Below is an article published by: Xinhuanet.

A special train ride was launched on Saturday [14-09-2013] for all communities to visit and explore religious and cultural heritage sites throughout western Kosovo.

A total of 120 people join the first trip on "Hajde" (Come) Heritage Train 2013 which departed from Pristina on Saturday morning.

The destination is western city of Peja/Pec, where the group could visit the Orthodox Patriarchate, Bajrakli Mosque, while on Sunday the destination is Deqani/Decani Monastery which is in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The head of Council of Europe Office in Pristina, Tim Cartwright said the project is part of European Heritage Days which are organized throughout September.

"European Heritage Days are days throughout Europe when heritage sites open themselves up to the public and this is part of our attempt to encourage people see and enjoy the culture heritage which is all around them," Cartwright told reporters.

Kosovo deputy minister of culture Hajdin Abazi, said the respect to religious and cultural heritage is something of great importance for Kosovo today.

"It is important, because as people of Kosovo we need to come together, we need to cooperate, to have interactions with each other, so in this sense we are interested to provide our supports to such activities in order to make this idea be successful," said Abazi.

The train will run on Saturdays and Sundays throughout September. During all day long trip, visitors will have the chance to visit a number of religious and cultural sites in western Kosovo, mainly in Peja/Pec and Deqan/Decane.

Some of this heritage was a source of divisions for the communities in the past, while now all the efforts are put forward to make this heritage unite communities.