Sep 10, 2013

The Initiative For The Resurgence Of The Abolitionist Movement In Mauritania (Ira-Mauritania)

On the 6th of September 2013, an IRA-Mauritania delegation led by its president Biram Dah ABHEID left Nouakchott, in order to accompany the United Nations Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. 

Below is an article published by IRA Mauritania

This investigative day, of the aforementioned forms of human rights violations, of which the Haratin and black Mauritanians are victims, has allowed the IRA-Mauritania to present to the UN envoy 50 victims of crimes of racism both domestic and by the state, land expropriation of a racist and pro-slavery character, inequality of opportunities and inequality before the law, and finally economic and religious discrimination.  The IRA also presented to the UN envoy survivors of pogroms, mass executions, enforced disappearances and deportations. All these victims described their suffering to the envoy and took care to record in their testimonies the collusion of the Mauritanian government with their tormentors. They have further proved that the state grants protection to these executioners in rare cases of violations and that the state itself, and those who run it are not the perpetrators and instigators of the crime.

On the 7th of September 2013, the IRA-delegation arrived in the city of Kaédi and was immediately met by hundreds of activists and sympathizers of the NGO, who came spontaneously to demonstrate their attachment to the IRA, its struggle and its ideas.  The victims of all types of racism, discrimination and slavery, aided by the IRA and its gorgolloise coordination came to meet the UN envoy. The UN envoy listened to the victims of all the categories that the IRA presented to but paid particular attention to the parents of ten young black Kaédiens who have been incarcerated for over two months as a result of incidents that have left this city of the river valley very glazed. The ten young men were involved in an incident that a young Arab-Berber tradesman committed against a female black Kaèdi. This type of partisan treatment that the local authorities have reserved for this incident has defied all laws, practices and morals and has resulted in an angry movement that has unfortunately degenerated into the looting of Arab-Berber shops in Kaédi.

On the other hand, the IRA considers that for civil peace and social justice, as well as the principle of equality of human kind, for the sake of trade and the traders in Kaédi, the ten young black people who have been detained for two months as a result of these incidents should benefit from an enlargement as soon as possible due to the failure of releasing the offender quickly who committed the offense in the first place.

On the night of the 7th to the 8th of September, activists and sympathizers of the IRA organized a very big gathering in honor of the delegation of the IRA-Mauritania. On this occasion the old, the young, and the women met on the square adjacent to the house of Lassana Diagana at Gataga. The president of the IRA-Mauritania acknowledged  all the big events and big phases that have strengthened the IRA’s struggle since its founding, such as: energetic and daring actions that the IRA has started against criminals of slavery, the opening of the doors of the prisons to those social classes who have long been guilty yet remain unpunished, the journeys of Inal and Sorimallé that have welded the causes of oppressed people in Mauritania, the symbolic burning of books regarding slave trade and loyal to the Arab-Berber. This historic act which shook the system of domination in Mauritania to the core has not yet finished suffering the after effects for its ideology and legitimation. After the discourse of the president of the IRA, the youngsters of Kaédi, whilst cheering, improvised a motorized march that crossed the city chanting slogans against racism and slavery  and in honor of the IRA and its president.

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