Dec 19, 2012

UNPO's First Cookbook “Native Delights” Is Now Available For Sale!!


UNPO’s first Cookbook “Native Delights” gathers recipes of some of our Members from all corners of the world! A great Christmas gift to friends and family!


The idea to create this book was triggered by the feeling that many of our Members are not recognized by their formative cultural practices and traditions. Culinary traditions have recently been added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage category and correspond to an important aspect of our Members’ daily practices, in terms of nourishment as well as ritual events.  By promoting their cultural heritage, UNPO hopes to shed light on other aspects of our Members’ communal livelihood, and bring further attention to their fascinating culture. 

This book is a collection of 19 easy recipes from several of our Members around the world, going from ‘Charauicán’ by the Mapuche over  ‘Tsampa’ in Tibet to ‘Chee-Börek’ by the Crimean Tatars. It may be the case that some of these recipes are also found in other regions and under different names. However, this is a result of the mingling of cultures and the mobility brought about by travel, trade and migration.  We hope you will enjoy these recipes!

You can get yourself a copy at:


Enjoy these wonderful "Native Delights"!