Nov 30, 2012

11th UNPO General Assembly convenes in Geneva

Today, November 30, 2012, UNPO successfully ended the 11th General Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland.

UNPO has adopted a new General Resolution which will be a guidance for UNPO activity for the next 18 months. The focus lays on expanding the rights of minorities, oppressed peoples and recognition of de facto independent States as well as on the right to political participation. Hereto the assembly, among others, calls for the UN Human Rights Council to take a more proactive role in supporting the rights of minorities, by expanding the mandate of the Forum on Minority Issues.

[The full version of UNPO’s General Resolution can be read here]

Other decisions have also been taken. A new Presidency was elected, consisting of nine UNPO Members namely: Abkhazia, the Crimean Tatars, East Turkestan, Iranian Kurdistan, Khmer Krom, Sindh, Taiwan, the Haratin and the Afrikaners.

Furthermore, UNPO President Mr. Ngawang Choephel and UNPO General Secretary Mr. Marino Busdachin were reelected in their respective functions. UNPO also elected a new Treasurer, Mr. Jeroen Zandberg and Mr. Mohamoud Daar as Vice-President of UNPO.

The General Assembly was a perfect opportunity for the members of UNPO to share their plight with other members as well as with academics and United Nations representatives. The UNPO member delegations also had a fruitful meeting with the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights.

Finally, the adopted member resolutions provide a summary of the particular challenges the members face and how these can be tackled to move the international community towards greater solidarity and justice.