Sep 08, 2011

Oromo: Addis Ababa Using Bombs to Justify Crackdown

A classified US Embassy cable, released by Wikileaks, has revealed how the Government of Ethiopia’s is perceived to be using supposed ‘terror plot’ to justify its decades-long crackdown on Oromo activist campaigning for meaningful federalism within Ethiopia.

Below is an article published by UNPO:


Classified U.S. documents released by Wikileaks have demonstrated an ongoing concern by the American administration of George W. Bush regarding the Government of Ethiopia’s policy towards the Oromo and in particular the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).

Regarding a series of events in 2006, the communication from the American embassy in Addis Ababa to Washington DC criticises Ethiopian security forces for allegedly portraying OLF political activists as terrorists. Despite allegations of terrorist activities by the Ethiopian Government, the U.S. Embassy cable cites credible and reliable sources that suggest the bombing to have been “the work of GoE security forces”.

The cable reflects the marginalisation of Ethiopia’s majority ethnic group which has continued to this day.  Continued oppression of the Oromo people’s socio-political and economic wellbeing by Governmental policies is forcing a heavy cost on thousands of people.  Environmental degradation is irreparably damaging lakes and water courses in the Oromia region of Ethiopia while economic development remains skewed against Oromo communities.

Efforts by the Oromo to raise their concerns with government bodies in Addis Ababa have been ignored as avenues for respite and resolution are increasingly closest to their appeals.  Even efforts at the international level by Oromo activists to raise awareness of the situation within Ethiopia have met with opposition from Ethiopian state authorities and attempts to discourage participation and dialogue.


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