Dec 02, 2010

European Parliament Hears The Plight of Iraq’s Minorities

After a wave of attacks, deputies have heard testimony from UNPO and civil society organisations about the impact of these attacks and how Iraq’s political climate had shifted in the aftermath

Below is an article published by UNPO:

On 31 October 2010 attackers stormed the church of Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad, Iraq.  Hours later a string of bombs killed dozens more in targeted attacks.  After years of low intensity killings, intimidation, and extortion of Iraq’s minority community, these attacks represented the most deadly for months.

In an hearing convened at the initiative of Ms. Esther de Lange MEP and reflecting the deep interest of deputies in the situation of Iraq’s minorities, the Delegation for Relations with Iraq heard from four organisations about what the recent attacks and creeping insecurity meant for Iraq and its citizens.

Invited by Mr. Struan Stevenson MEP, chair of the Delegation were representatives of the UNPO, Assyria Council of Europe, Open Doors International, and the Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community.

Chairing proceedings, Ms. Silvia Costa MEP spoke of the need to understand the prevailing situation and hoped that the hearing might be a step towards finding a lasting solution to the deteriorating plight of Iraq’s minorities.  The discussions held during the meeting would also play a key role in informing deputies ahead of their meeting with Mr Ad Melkert, Special Representative of the Secretary General for Iraq, on 2 December 2010.


To download a copy of UNPO’s testimony, please click here. (PDF Format, 156kb)