Sep 03, 2010

Greek Minority in Albania: Condemnation Of The Death Of Aristotelis Goumas

The Hellenic American National Council condemns the racially-motivated killing of a member of the Greek Minority in Albania.


Below is a press release published by the Hellenic American National Council:


We condemn the racist death of Aristotelis Goumas a member of the Greek Minority in Himara a region of Northern Epirus in Albania, simply because he was speaking Greek.

The region of Himara is a territory in Albania inhabited by many ethnic Greeks who are still deprived from their minority rights

The death of Aristotelis Goumas is the last of a long list of incidents of terrorism to the Greek people in Albania caused by Albanian citizens who claim the properties owned by the Greek minority.

Criminal actions like this are intended to stimulate Ethnic tension with unpredictable consequences and undermine the bilateral relations between Greece and Albania.

The respect and protection of Ethnic Greeks and their rights and security, beyond the self evident obligation of the Albanian government, is also mandated by international law and the European Community for which Albania desires integration. The Greek Minority in Albania as all Minorities in the world has its own rights that should be respected by both the Albania government and the Albanian citizens.

The Hellenic American National Council demands from the Albanian government the following:

• To find and prosecute the murder(s) of our compatriot Aristoteli Goumas.

• Be impartial in the trial of the fugitives who committed this crime.

• Ensure the proper expeditious administration of justice, which serves as the only practical response to the legitimate concerns of the Greek National Minority

• We also demand the recognition of the Greek language and the Greek National character of the district of Himara.

Finally with all our respect we urge the Greek and American Governments to proceed immediately and take all necessary steps to the Albanian government to ensure full investigation and justice in this case and recognize, secure and respect all minority rights in Albania.