Feb 08, 2008

Freedom for Burma Now!

UNPO’s second International Day of Action this year will focus on issues facing the nations and peoples of Burma. As attention shifts away from the events of September 2007, it is the responsibility of UNPO and its Members to call on the international community to act against the injustices still being perpetrated by the military junta in the name of state peace and development.



UNPO International Day of Action

11 February 2008


On the occasion of the second UNPO International Day of Action, declared by the UNPO VIII General Assembly General Resolution to be marked annually on 11 February, the date of UNPO’s founding;


UNPO declares 11 February 2008 as a Day of Action, and the beginning of a year-long focus, on issues relating to ongoing repression and human rights abuses within the Union of Myanmar.  


UNPO calls upon its Members to act in solidarity with their fellow representatives in supporting, publicizing, and promoting not only the plight of the Chin, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Karenni, Mon, and Shan, but also those other peoples and nations who remain subjugated and unrepresented within the borders of the Union of Myanmar as a result of the official and unofficial policies and actions of the unelected military junta.


UNPO urges its Members to support international efforts to investigate the crushing of pro-democracy protests in September 2007.  In addition, UNPO calls for the release of the hundreds of Burmese who remain detained and at the risk of physical abuse from the Myanmar state authorities.


Furthermore, UNPO exhorts the Myanmar authorities to demonstrate a commitment to protecting its citizens’ rights by ratifying all outstanding international conventions intended to guarantee the human rights of all nations and peoples from abuse.


Members are also urged to help the democratically elected National League for Democracy to return Burma to democracy with representation assured for all Burma’s nations and peoples. 


UNPO calls on the international community to support any action and activity that favors the establishment of a democratically elected government in Burma.