UNPO Brochure



The UNPO brochure contains an overview of UNPO and its activities. The history of UNPO is summarized, as well as UNPO's programs, lobbying, training at the United Nations, missions, media strategies and other activities. An explanation of UNPO's structure completes this informative brochure.

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Attached Documents

Upcoming Activities

  • SEP
    Survey of Advocacy Experience at the United Nations
  • SEP
    UNPO Launches International Campaign Against Slavery (iCAS)
  • SEP
    Adding Fuel to Fire or Paving the Way for Peace? Human Rights Post-Iranian Nuclear Deal

Recent Activities

  • AUG
    SpeakOut! 2015- International Human Rights Training
  • JUL
    UNPO Announces Photography Exhibition “Indigenous Peoples – Invisible Peoples” by Italian Photojournalist Luca Catalano Gonzaga in Brussels
  • JUL
    Opening Conference at European Parliament on the Occasion of the XII Session of the UNPO General Assembly