UNPO Brochure



The UNPO brochure contains an overview of UNPO and its activities. The history of UNPO is summarized, as well as UNPO's programs, lobbying, training at the United Nations, missions, media strategies and other activities. An explanation of UNPO's structure completes this informative brochure.

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Attached Documents

Upcoming Activities

  • MAR
    UNPO announces European Parliament Conference: Freedom of Association in Greece: A Loophole in European Minority Rights Standards
  • MAR
    Survey of Advocacy Experience at the United Nations

Recent Activities

  • JAN
    UNPO Announces House of Commons Conference: 'Iran's Kurds at a Crossroads? International and Cross-Border Strategies'
  • JAN
    ‘The Bigger Picture: Strategic State Advocacy’ workshop in Oxford, 14-15 January 2016
  • NOV
    New Columbia UNPO Welcome Reception