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One of the key aims of UNPO NEWS is to exchange knowledge, information and ideas to increase understanding and awareness on the role of UNPO and its Members worldwide, and your contributions are very welcome in order to accurately include those topics, news or activities of your foremost concern. Note that the distribution of the Newsletter goes far and beyond the UNPO Membership base. All comments, feedback and suggestions from UNPO Members are always very welcome.


UNPO Newsletter August 2009 Issue 2, 2009 - August 2009

UNPO Newsletter Issue 1, 2009 - February 2009

2007 - 2008 

UNPO Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1 - July 2008

Active Image Volume 1 Issue 3 - December 2007

Active Image Volume 1 Issue 2 - October 2007

Sample Image Volume 1 Issue 1 - July 2007



Upcoming Activities

  • DEC
    Forum on Language Diversity and Donostia Protocol Presentation

Recent Activities

  • NOV
    UNPO Side Event to the 9th UN Forum on Minority Issues to Discuss Minorities and Humanitarian Challenges
  • NOV
    Documentary Screening: Zuguleaiñ – We Will Speak – The Struggle to Revitalise the Mother Tongue of the Mapuche
  • NOV
    UNPO announces European Parliament Conference: A Recipe for Disaster:  Environmental Degradation and Human Rights Violations in Pakistan-occupied Gilgit-Baltistan