The last year has yet again exemplified need for the unique role UNPO plays, utilizing international fora on the behalf of those without a voice. The sustainability of UNPO is partly ensured through the much-valued donations, moral and financial support received from individuals.  


UNPO would not be able to succeed without the generosity of the many funders and contributors, who supported the organization upon its foundation in 1991 and many of whom have continued to do so:


Andrew Wainwrights Reform Trust (UK)


Prioriteitenfounds (the Netherlands)

Bilance (formerly Cebeno) (the Netherlands)

City of the Hague (the Netherlands)

Embassy of South Africa (the Netherlands)

European Human Rights Foundation

European Commission

European Cultural Foundation

Evangelische Kirsche Deutschland (Germany)

Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Ford Foundation (US)

Friedrich Naumann Foundation (Germany)

Greenville Foundation (US)

Haella Foundation (the Netherlands)

Heinrich Böll Foundation (Germany)

HIVOS (the Netherlands)

ICCO (the Netherlands)

ICHRDD (Canada)

ICMG Köln (Germany)

International Campaign for Tibet

Irahiti Foundation (US)

Kerk in Actie (the Netherlands)

MacArthur Foundation (US)

McKnight Foundation (US)

Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Denmark)

MISEREOR (Germany)

Nando Peretti Foundation (Italy)

Netherlands Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs

NOVIB (the Netherlands)

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

Stichting Doen (the Netherlands)

Stichting Grote Berg (the Netherlands)

Swiss Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Taiwan Foundation for Democracy 

Taiwan Foreign Affairs Ministry

Threshold Foundation (US)

Transnational Radical Party (Italy)

Winston Foundation for World Peace (US)

World Council of Churches (Switzerland)

World Gratitude Day Foundation (US)


If you wish to support UNPO Members and the peaceful struggles in which they are engaged worldwide by making a donation, please see bank details below.

We express our profound gratitude for your kind consideration.


Beneficiary:                  Stichting UNPO

Account number/IBAN:  NL80ABNA0500502145

 BIC Code:                    ABNANL2A


Bank: ABN Amro Bank

Address: The Hague, the Netherlands

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Upcoming Activities

  • MAY
    UNPO Announces Washington Conference: “Land of Forsaken Voices: The Geopolitics of Justice, Impunity and Human Rights in Balochistan”
  • JUN
    Survey of Advocacy Experience at the United Nations
  • AUG
    Breaking Barriers! Youth Perspectives on Migration in Europe

Recent Activities

  • APR
    UNPO announces XXI Session Presidency Conference on 'Drivers of Peace and Democratisation: National Minority Rights and Diaspora Action'
  • APR
    UNPO Announces Berlin Conference on Uyghur Refugees
  • MAR
    UNPO Announces UNHRC Side-Event - Slavery in Mauritania: Abolished in Theory, Present in Practice