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Status: Minority
Population: 320,000
Area: 48,769 sq. km



The organization represented at UNPO is the ChaoFa Federated State, which claims self-government of Hmong inhabited territories in Laos (pop. approx. 300,000). Their constitution was adopted in July 1998. The Hmong ChaoFa Federated State is based on democratic values and principles- transparency, power sharing and non-discrimination. International cooperation and organization of the Hmong people is jointly done with the World Hmong People’s Congress (WHPC).


The majority of the Hmong population in Laos is situated in the mountainous northern area of Laos. The provinces inhabited by the Hmong Chao Fa include: Houaphanh, Xieng Khouang, Sayaboury, and the city of Luang Prebang along the Mekong river. The total area of the territories is approximately 48,769 sq kilometers. Mountain peaks rise above 9,000 ft (2,800 m) in the general altitude of the region. Dense forests also cover the northern and eastern areas. Hmong territory is bordered on the east by Vietnam, the north by China, and the northwest by Burma.


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