Aug 31, 2012

Iraqi Kurdistan: Increasing Knowledge of Culture Abroad

The Iraqi Kurdistan Region's Ministry of Culture and Youth is concentrating efforts on getting books about the Kurdish people and their culture translated into foreign languages, such as English and Arabic, in a bid to raise non-Kurdish readers’ awareness on the topic.

Below is an article published by AKnews:

Three separate directorates at Kurdistan Region's Ministry of Culture and Youth will be merged into one and efforts for introducing books about Kurds or their culture in foreign languages will be intensified, an official said today [31 August 2012].  

The directorates of media, relations and publishing will be merged into Directorate of Media, Relations and Publishing, said Halgurd Abdul-Wahab, who is assigned as the director for the merged institutions.

Abdul-Wahab said the missions of the three directorates are related to each other and their merging is within the efforts for re-organizing the structure of the Ministry. 

The current directors of the three institutions will be reassigned in the Ministry and given new positions and their employees will work in the merged directorate.

The official said the Ministry has also planned to promote the Kurdish culture and books in foreign languages.

Abdul-Wahab said "We will review title and the content of the Kurdish books to indicate what the readers need at this stage…

 "Kurds, who have their own language, history and culture, are not well known abroad.

"Therefore, in the international book fairs in which we participate in Frankfort, Beirut and Tehran, we will display the books which are written in foreign languages about Kurds.

 "We will also try so that 20% of our publications are in Arabic and English so that foreign readers have information about the Kurdish culture and history."