Oct 04, 2011

Southern Cameroons: Political Activists Experience Arbitrary Detention

Representatives of the Southern Cameroons National Council, including the Vice-Chairman Mola Njoh Litumbe contiuing to be arrested without cause as the Republic of Cameroon election draws closer.  


Press Release by Southern Cameroons National Council

After arresting more than 300 SCNC activists on Saturday Oct.1,2011 , La Republique du Cameroun is not Satisfied. This morning at 11.45 am local time a Seven man Southern Cameroons Delegation to the Proconsul of the Southern Zone Was arrested arbitrarily at Governor's office Buea. Those arrested are:


1 Mola Njoh Litumbe

2 Nfor Ngala Nfor( SCNC Vice Chairman)

3 Barrister Ajong Stanilus

4 Barrister Blaise Berinyuy

5 Barrister Njualem Charles

6 Stephen Kongnso

7 Mforya Christopher

They had gone to the office of the proconsul of the Southern Zone, Koumpa Issa to honour an invitation extended to them through the Nigerian Consul to Buea for Dialogue .

On arrival, the main Delegation was arrested under the Auspice of Procunsul Kompa Issa. They were all asked to make statements which they all declined.

Later Peter Mafany Former Prime Minister  arrived  the scene called by the Senior Procunsul, Koumpa Issa

As I left the premise of the Governor's Office to file this report they were still in detention.

It should be recalled that the over 300 arrested on the 50th anniversary celebrations of Southern Cameroons are still languishing at GMI and Judicial police Buea.

We call on the international community to mount pressure  for the release of all detained and restrain La Republique du Cameroun from further persecuting Cameroonians.

Published at Buea this Monday 3th Oct. 2011

Julius Nyugap Ndi

SCNC Information Office

Buea -Southern Cameroons