Feb 16, 2011

Southern Cameroons: SCNC National Chairman Granted Bail

The Cameroonian government prosecutes SCNC chairman Ayamba Ette Otun for expressing Southern Cameroonian objections to the regime’s repressive politics in their homeland.   

Below is press release issued by the SCNC:

 The National Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) Chief Ayamba Ette Otun, who was arrested at Njenka in Bali Sub-Division on 9th February 2011 on its way to Bamenda, appeared before the Mezam State Counsel on 14th  instant. Chief Ayamba and his son – Obinga Obi Ayamba – were both charged with secession but released on bail with surety of 1 million CFA francs each.  Solomon Ngang, driver of the Moghamo vehicle in which Chief Ayamba was traveling, was also granted bail and asked to report in court on 28th February to answer some other charges different from those of the Ayambas. 

The offices of the State Counsel were thronged by several dozens of SCNC officials, activists and other sympathizers to press for the release of chief Ayamba and his son. As a result of the administrative bottlenecks, the SCNC National Chairman  could only be released at 4 p.m local time and accompanied to his Bamenda residence where he spent the night before traveling back to Mamfe  It will be recalled that on several occasions, SCNC activists have always been charged with secession, the charge which fizzled away along the line and with time as the prosecution has not proven its case. Of course, there has never been any case to answer.

Does La Republique du Cameroun have any evidence which links Southern Cameroons to it other than that it brutally annexed our territory and its people and has been using naked force to suppress and oppress Southern Cameroonians while looting their rich natural resources for the sole development of its territory?  Southern Cameroonians and in particular the SCNC Liberation movement are not secessionists and will never be secessionists. All they are clamouring for is simply the “Restoration of the statehood and independence of our God-given fatherland” They are fighting against a repressive regime which is imbued with assimilative philosophy and territorial expansion.   

We therefore strongly appeal to the UN as usual, the UNPO, the African Union and all other lovers of freedom and justice to take particular note of the deteriorating political situation prevailing in Cameroon and use preventive diplomacy to restrain the Yaounde regime to peacefully withdraw their occupation forces from Southern Cameroons so that the people can take their destiny into their own hands.  Young Southern Cameroonians have become restless and are wondering aloud why their fate can’t be changed. With the recent events around the African continent, it is indeed time for sober reflection to avoid crises which are looming in the horizon.   The SCNC sincerely thank all its friends and supporters at home and in the diaspora and vows to redouble our efforts to liberate  Southern Cameroons from becoming the footstool of La Republique du Cameroun. We must stop the entrenchment of colonial subjugation and alien domination.