Feb 01, 2011

Aboriginals of Australia: Countries Criticize Indigenous Policies

During the meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva foreign governments have reviewed the situation of Australia and, among other things, have expressed their concern over the indigenous policies and the social situation of the aborigines.

Below is an article published by The Age


Foreign governments have called on Australia to scrap mandatory immigration detention, improve its treatment of Aborigines and recognise same-sex marriages.

Australian officials appeared before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva yesterday [28 January 2011] for what's known as a universal periodic review, which aims to examine every aspect of a country's human rights record.

About 50 countries, from the United States to Ghana, participated in Australia's review and made almost 150 recommendations. Several countries urged Australia to abolish its mandatory detention of asylum seekers, while others expressed concerns over indigenous disadvantage and racism.

The countries made more than 25 recommendations relating to women's rights, while Norway specifically recommended Australia recognise same-sex marriages.

About a dozen countries also recommended Australia establish a national human rights act.