Sep 27, 2010

Southern Cameroon: Extra-Judicial Killings Of Innocent Southern Cameroons Continues Unabated


Statement released by UNPO member highlights shocking acts by the government of La République de Cameroun


Below is a statement released by the Southern Cameroon National Council:


Nsahlai Shadrack Wome, 63, was laid to rest at his village home in Bui County on Saturday 18th September 2010.  The circumstances of his death confirm that Nsahlai was extra-judicially murdered by the barbaric and blood-thirsty agents of la Republique du Cameroun which has systematically exercised an unbridled reign of terror with impunity over Southern Cameroons for 49th years.


Late Nsahlai Shadrack was a quiet, soft-spoken and distinguished educationist who retired from the public service barely a year ago, after rendering meritorious services at the highest level to the annexationist state of la Republique du Cameroun.


Approximately about six months into his retirement, the late Nsahlai Shadrack was arbitrarily arrested, detained by the forces of law and order in Bamenda and of course later transferred to the grave-yard of the Nkondengui Maximum Security Prison where he was held as a suspect of a concocted embezzlement scandal of 174 million francs CFA, supposed to have been misappropriated while he was in service.


During the investigations into the matter, late Nsahlai Shadrack provided documentaries evidence to prove his innocence of the charges leveled against him.


Reliable family sources close to the SCNC disclosed that while pining in the Kondengui prison, the late Nsahlai always complained of insecurity and fears for his life.  Another family source disclosed that he was told in the face that Shadrack would not leave Kondengui alive when on August 25th; a dreadful phone call was received announcing that the victim of extra-judicial murder had collapsed during sports and that he eventually gave up the ghost.


Family members went to the Yaounde Central Hospital Mortuary where the remains of Nsahlai Shadrack were supposed to be preserved.  When the ambulance carrying Nsahlai’s body arrived, they noticed that a bandage on his forehead covering “a deep wound and bleeding nostrils”.


The story of his collapse during sports was mere subterfuge, fabricated to cover-up the heinous detestable crime of extra-judicial murder. Inmates in Kondengui prison are hardly ever left out at 6:30p.m.


The SCNC vehemently condemns the systematic practice of killing Southern Cameroonians for no reason whatsoever except for the fact that they are asserting their  inalienable right to freedom and self-determination, a right internationally recognized.


All these acts of brutality coming at a time when the world just celebrated September 15th as Democracy Day and 21st September as Peace Day in Africa, we call upon the national and international communities to admit that Cameroon is a totalitarian dictatorship and that peace cannot prevail in a society which does not respect human rights and the rule of law and a society which practices the military domination of a peaceful neighbouring country, the Southern Cameroons.


We appeal to the international community and especially the AU and the UN, each in its own sphere to bring pressure to bear on la Republique du Cameroun to respect international norms which prohibit extra-judicial killings and all forms of lawlessness and urge them to withdraw both their agents and occupation forces from Southern Cameroons, to prevent an imminent bloodbath which will further destabilize the Central African Sub-region.


Call on all Southern Cameroonians to stay calm but prepared to defend their right to freedom and independence.   The struggle may be long and weary, but rest assured that, justice is on our side and imbued by our philosophy of non-violence.




May the soul of Nsahlai Shadrack Rest in Perfect Peace.


Done at Bamenda, the 22nd Day of September 2010.